Applying Digitata’s intelligent offers to segmented subscribers allowed enhanced price discrimination and yielded increased revenue at effectively lower rates.


Daily OffNet MOU


Off-Net Revenue


Off-Net Effective Tarif


Increase in Mkt Share (2012-2017)

⸺ Overview

TNM has been using Digitata’s Dynamic Tariffing System since 2012 under the product name of Yanga.

TNM’s Yanga is a service where subscribers enjoy intelligently priced voice calls and data bundles based on time, location and subscriber segment.

Over 70% of TNM’s active prepaid subscribers are registered with Yanga.

⸺ Business Challenge

TNM operates in a duopoly with high “dualsimming” in the market.

Digitata was tasked to conceptualise and execute a strategy to increase TNM’s market and wallet share.

The key metrics to be measured for success were off-net MOU and revenue increase.

Digitata's Methodology At Work

Digitata implemented its tried & tested methodology forexecuting on the business challenge.

Determine Business Objectives

The business objective was to increase market share and increase off-net subscriber activity (MOU).

Formulate The Strategy

The strategy was to target off-net voice rates in three stages to encourage existing subscribers to make TNM their primary SIM, thereby improving wallet share.

Subscriber Profiling Through Segmentation

The campaign focussed on subscribers segmented by location, time and subscriber value. Within the nominated locations and time periods, intelligent pricing offers were calculated with high-value customers targeted to increase revenue.

Intelligent Pricing Offers

Digitata’s Dynamic Tariffing Solution delivered Intelligently priced off-net and on-net offers on Voice Pay As You Go (PAYG).