About Digitata

Our vision is to make telecommunications accessible to every person in the world, with pricing strategies which make it affordable for every person to be connected.

Digitata has been developing innovative, data-centric products which help mobile network operators in emerging markets around the world to drive their strategies.

About Digitata

Re-thinking revenue. Re-imagining intelligent technology. Realtime results.

Digitata Limited is a multinational technology company, focused on providing Industry 4.0 solutions to the telecommunications industry across the areas of revenue management, customer engagement through gamification and mobile network management. Digitata is a privately held company with head office in Mauritius and support office in South Africa.


Why it’s cool to work at Digitata

Digitata is a great place to grow and experiment using cutting edge technologies in ML, Big Data and Automation. We are a cloud first company that values curiosity in all new areas of tech.

We are a company that values culture, innovation and teamwork with our care values focusing on #curiosity #fun #teamwork #winwin #humility.

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